Our Jewelry designs are one of a kind - We do not design the same kind unless written permission is provided.

Everything has a vibration. You can't see or touch it, but you know it's there.
It’s instinctively or intuitively sensed. For example, you have a favorite color and wear it
often because it makes you feel good. Why?Because, it too has a vibration, an energy that
you are instinctively drawn to. Each color gives something, does something for you.
But until now, you may not have been aware of it. As a designer, in designing jewelry
a natural stone, as opposed to one that dyed, also has a stronger vibration.
After all, they have the minerals of the earth within them because that's what created the coloration of them. Any time you identify with a stone or color and what it can do for you,
that in itself is a building process and what you are building is a more balanced,
happier you. The cells of your body will attune and respond to it. Please understand that the stones and colors cannot do it alone. When you decide to become more balanced, happier
and flowing, the stones and colors will enhance it. 

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Healing Gems